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At Co-op Academy Manchester, you'll study English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, ICT, Art, Drama, Music, French or Spanish, Technology and PE. 

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IT & Computing


If you like Minecraft, you can download a version of our academy

Are you worried about starting high school? 

Here's what our students say:

“The school is really big and I won’t find my way around” 

“At first it might be a bit tricky but you can ask a teacher, and after a week or so you’ll get used to it!” 


“Will I get a detention?”

“The teachers understand that you’ve just started and always give you a second chance if you forget your homework. Just ask for help if you’re worried - you won’t get into trouble for that.” 


“What if the bigger kids bully me?” 

“The older students may look scary but they’re not! You’ll get to know some older students in tutor time and they will help you.” 


“What if I’m late to lessons?”

“You don’t need to worry because you won’t know your way around at first but the staff will help and they understand.”


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