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What will you be doing in Year 7?

  • Becoming a scientist - what skills does a scientist needs to test an idea and plan an experiment?

  • States of matter - is everything in the universe either a solid, liquid or gas? What is the difference?

  • Atoms, elements and compounds - what are objects made from? What is the universe made from?

  • Cells and organisation - what are living organisms made from?

  • Organ systems - how is your body able to perform functions such as breathe, digest food and reproduce?

  • Forces and motion - how are objects able to move? What are forces?

  • Energy and waves - what is energy? Is there different types and stores?

  • Acids and alkalis - are all chemicals the same? How can we test and put them into groups?

  • Inheritance and variation - why do some children look like their parents? Why is every living thing different?

  • Geology - how was the Earth formed? Why do we have earthquakes and volcanoes?

  • Health and disease - what is the difference between physical, mental and social health? How does the body protect itself against disease?

  • Electricity and magnetism - how does electricity work? Why do magnets repel or attract each other?

  • Earth and space - are we alone in Space? How was the universe formed? How do we know?

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Experiments to try at home!

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