Welcome to Drama!

In Drama you will develop your communication, problem-solving and team-building skills whilst exploring the world of theatre.

And let's not forget all the amazing out of lesson opportunities we offer: our annual school musical, Christmas showcase, summer show, theatre trips, visiting practitioners... and so much more!

Above you can see examples of some of the work our students have done both in and out of lesson. Our students love to produce and edit videos as part of their independent learning. Why don't you have a go yourself?

We will support you in exploring all aspects of the theatre industry from acting and directing, to costume, hair and make-up, lighting, set and sound design.

There are hundreds of careers within the world of theatre, and we are here to help you enjoy exploring this fascinating subject.

We can't wait to meet you!

Meet our team:

Mrs Steward - Head of Drama

Ms Donohoe - Teacher of Drama

Ms Belmega - Teacher of Drama and Music

Mr Pip - Theatre Manager

Mrs. K. Steward

"Hello, I am Mrs. Steward and Head of Drama. In a past life I was an actor and now I teach. I am passionate about theatre and love watching and performing. However, the best part of being a Drama teacher is seeing the work you create."

Ms. C. Donohoe

"Hello, I'm Ms Donohoe. I'm one of three drama teachers in the fantastic Expressive Arts team. I love all things drama and theatre, and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. Did I mention that we have a professional theatre at school? Can't get much better than that!"

Ms. K. Belmega

"My name is Miss Belmega. I have an Acting degree and my favourite thing to perform is Musical Theatre. I love pizza, live music and all things that glitter."

Mr. P. Hindle (Mr. Pip)

“I am Mr P. J. Hindle, but everyone calls me ‘Mister Pip’! Having acted, directed, written, designed, stage managed, run lights and sound and many other roles associated with theatre, I am incredibly proud to be the Academy Theatre Manager / Community Arts Officer at the academy.”

Theatre techniques

We use theatre techniques to communicate character, story line, relationships and location. What is happening in this photo?

Design techniques

We use lighting and sound to communicate mood and atmosphere. What mood does the red lighting communicate in this picture?

Watch our production of We Will Rock You in our state-of-the-art theatre!

We want all age groups to participate in our shows, and they do. We have students on and behind stage.

Here is just a peek at our outstanding production of Chicago

We love students who take a risk, challenge themselves and have fun doing it.

Dance opportunities

Why not dance? We have fantastic opportunities to develop dance outside of the drama class. We work with external companies to produce some amazing dance pieces. These students created a piece of dance with Company Chameleon and then performed at Co-op head office in Manchester City Centre.

Theatre opportunities

Want to be on a professional stage? These students participated in the National Theatre production, Stuff, and performed at the Lowry Theatre in Salford.


Scary Stories!

One of the oldest forms of theatre is storytelling. You will create your own story in drama. Here is an example of a scary story created by Year 7. Can you write a scarier story?