What is History?

History is a subject that studies the past, in order to understand and prepare you for the future. 

Our department’s main goal is to encourage you to develop a love for the subject! As experienced teachers we aim  to provide all our students with knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past, as well as the wider world. Our curriculum is designed to intrigue the curiosity of our students by introducing numerous historical perspectives  in order to understand the process of change and the impact this has on people’s lives, relationships between different groups, as well as their own identity.

Each term we investigate a specific period in history by using an enquiry question, or exploring a historian’s point of view. This will encourage you to use the past and our history to not only question the world around us, but also to make the world a better place. 

Miss McFadyen - Head of History

Why did I become a teacher?

I became a teacher because my History teachers at school inspired me to push myself and work as hard as I possibly could, I love working with young people and watching them have those 'lightbulb' moments!

Which historical figure has inspired you?

Nellie Bly.  A female journalist in 19th century New York who carried out investigative journalism at a time where women were seen to be  worth less than men. She represented the ladies back in the 1880s!

Interesting fact about me:

I love running and have completed the Manchester Marathon and am currently training for the Edinburgh half marathon!

Miss Bell - Teacher of History

Why did I become a teacher?

I became a teacher having worked in schools as a teaching assistant after completing my degree. Seeing all of the amazing work going on in schools made me want to become a teacher.

Which historical figure has inspired you?

Sophie Scholl. A student in Germany during the second world war, Sophie was a member of the non-violent white rose resistance group who stood up to the Nazi's. She was convicted of high treason for distributing anti-Nazi leaflets.

Interesting fact about me:

I am a trained swimming teacher and was trained as an Australian Beach lifeguard.

Mr Harris -Teacher of History

Why did I become a teacher?

I became a teacher because I was inspired by my history teacher at college. Seeing his passion and his wealth of knowledge of the subject impressed and encouraged me to pursue teaching as a career. 

Which historical figure has inspired you?

Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon started off as a Corsican immigrant but soon rose to be Emperor of the French and commander of most of Europe for over 10 years. He was a military and administrative innovator and is rightly remembered as one of history's greats. 

Interesting fact about me:

I love all types of sport including football and cricket. I also love to play chess whenever I get an opportunity. 

Mr Ramsbottom - Teacher of History

Why did I become a teacher?

I became a teacher due to a deep fascination with how our world ended up the way it is and the events which shaped it. I have developed a firm conviction that if we can understand our past, we will create a better future. 

Which historical figure has inspired you?

Alfred the Great lived through an extraordinarily difficult and dangerous time. Despite this, through careful preparation and planning, not only did he manage to prevail against invading armies, he united those around him, instilled confidence and began one of England's first great historical works, the 'Anglo-Saxon Chronicle'. 

Interesting fact about me:

I used to live in China as an English Language teacher which hugely fuelled my desire to become a history teacher upon returning home. 


Some wonderful examples of Y7 Independent Learning Tasks

Year 7 working together to investigate healthcare conditions in Medieval England

What do we study in Year 7?

What is History

The Norman Conquest

The Silk Road

The Crown and Church

Mansa Musa

The Victorians

Year 7 classwork

We have high expectations of all our learners. We encourage students to take pride in their presentation, and push students to develop the answers they provide with the knowledge they have gained across the different periods of study. The page above shows a learner who has taken great pride in their work.

Year 7 enquiry question (term 2)

'The Normans brought a truckload of trouble... wiping out everything... culture, language, law, loyalty'

In Year 7 History we challenge learners to look at a time period as a whole, rather than separate events. Learners will be given a historian's quote, and will add points around this quote from their learning that will agree and disagree with it. This feeds into assessment for the unit, and also provides them with the base skills required for further historical study.

History- Outside of the classroom 

Y10 University Trip 

Our GCSE Students visited Manchester University to raise aspirations and investigate what opportunities are available to them after studying History in year 11. They took part in a mini-lecture, then participated in tutorials in History, Geogrpahy and Linguistics. 

Y10 Cinema Trip

For the past two years, year 10 History students have participated in the 'Into Film Festival'. Films are shown that relate to the content of the GCSE exam, and this helps deepen students' learning. This year we watched 'The Green Book'.

CAM Talks

Last June the first Year 7 CAMTalks was held in the theatre. Three of our keen year 7 historians collaborated to deliver a presentation to the judges about the impact of the events of the Holocaust.  Their hard work paid off, as they came in third place!

Test your knowledge of Manchester's history!