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Are you a teacher or staff member of a local primary school? Welcome!

At Co-op Academy Manchester we strive to support the entire community, and that includes working closely with local primary schools. This can include:

This work is co-ordinated by the Assistant Vice Principals in charge of Transition (Mrs J Baldwin and Ms A O'Connor) and our Community Team. Get in touch by email to manc-community-m@coopacademies.co.uk 

You may wish to use resources on this site in your lessons:

Resources for teaching your class about Transition - no matter what school they are going to

Details coming soon about this book which is being used as a transition tool across Manchester. 

We encourage local primary schools to adopt the 'Be Awesome, Go Big' transition project from book publishers Hachette School. We believe these are high quality resources (many of them free) that help children move to secondary school.

This is a great series of activities to work through during Year 6's summer term. 

Resources for supporting your pupils who are joining us in September

GDPR and information sharing

Please see a copy of our 'Secondary School Transition Information Indemnity' below.

It is vital that information is shared for Safeguarding reasons and to support student progress. 

Great resources from around the web