In Music, students have the opportunity to perform, create and learn to understand a wide range of music from different countries and cultures.

In weekly Music lessons we practice singing, drumming, keyboards, ukuleles and guitars, working towards performing as a band. We also study the elements of music and how to create songs. There will be opportunities to do this on computers and iPads using music software.

We have an exciting range of extra-curricular groups to get involved with, including Choir, Big Band, Rock Band and String Orchestra, and extra opportunities to practice in Piano Club. There are regular concerts involving our students and trips to see performances around Manchester. The department collaborates with the rest of the Expressive and Performing Arts Faculty to put on a yearly Musical.

Meet the Music department

Mr Stannard

Head of Music

Miss Stott

Teacher of Music

Miss Belmega

Teacher of Music & Drama

Instrument Lessons

We offer instrument lessons in addition to Music lessons:

  • Miss Yarwood- Singing & Piano

  • Mr Rudden - Drums, Bass & Guitar

  • Mrs Compson - Woodwind

  • Mrs Wren - Strings

  • Mr Thom - Ukulele & Guitar

  • Mr Martin - Brass

Holiday Challenge

Listen to a different piece of music each day from a singer or bands who's name begins with a different letter of the alphabet each day. Use the calendar to help you keep track of your listening.

A message about Music from Mr Stannard (Head of Music)

What will you study during music lessons in Year 7 & Year 8?

Take a quick video tour of the Music department

CAM Music Department Tour.mp4

We offer a range of extra-curricular clubs after school

Useful websites for home learning

Primary school tour

Our Big Band and Choir may have performed in your school at Christmas. Did you see us?

Watch performances from professional musicians

Use music technology including sound and lighting

Take part in workshops on exciting instruments

Music technology

Multi-track recording

Microphone set-up

Music sequencing

Music tour in Germany 2019