MFL (French & Spanish)

Bonjour! ¡Hola!

Welcome to MFL, which stands for Modern Foreign Languages. At Co-op Academy Manchester you will study first Spanish, then French in year 7, before choosing which language you would like to continue with for year 8.

We hope you enjoy our page - take a look at our virtual classrooms, meet the teachers, and go on a virtual tour around France and Spain!

À bientôt! ¡Hasta luego!

Virtual classrooms

Copy of Y6 Transition Virtual Classroom

Take a look at our three virtual classrooms. You can see the kind of websites we use in everyday language lessons, discover more about French and Spanish language and culture, and click on the speech bubbles to find out more about each teacher! (Hint, you may want to open in a new window to see all the content)

Virtual tours

We may not have as much freedom as usual at the moment...but we still have the freedom of imagination! Grab your passport and a pair of sunglasses and let team MFL take you on our "virtual tours" around Spain and France. By the end, you will really feel like you've jetted off somewhere amazing! (Hint, this is best viewed on a tablet/computer, and you may find it easier to open in a new window)

Once you have completed one, or both tours, complete the task below.

Copy of Y6 Transition Virtual Tour France
Copy of Y6 Transition Virtual Tour Spain. pptx

Meet the team!

Click on each photo to hear a short presentation about each teacher.

Bonjour! I'm Miss Roberts (on the right). This photo was taken in Spain, and the girl I'm sat next to was my Spanish penpal from when I was in Year 7. We wrote to each other until we were 20!

Although I speak Spanish as well, I mostly teach French at CAM. I am the Director of Learning Zone (Head of Department) for MFL.

¡Hola! I'm Miss Kirkham. This photo was taken in Machu Picchu, Peru. I lived in Lima (the capital of Peru) for 4 months during my year abroad at university.

I mostly teach Spanish, but some French too. I am the Head of KS3 MFL.

¡Hola! I'm Miss Nwokedi. This photo was taken of me trying on a traditional Spanish flamenco dress in a changing room at El Corte Inglés, a famous department store in Spain.

I teach both Spanish and French, and I used to teach at a school in Malaysia!

Bonjour! I'm Miss Owens. This photo was taken in Perpignan, France, where I lived during my year abroad at university.

I mostly teach French, but some Spanish too.

Bonjour! I'm Miss Tchamoum. This photo was taken during my year abroad. I lived just outside of Paris for year!

I mostly teach French with a little Spanish too.

Example lesson

Take a look at an example of a typical Spanish lesson (as this is what you will study first) . Then look at the vocabulary sheet that goes with it. Each student gets one of these every half term for the topic being studied. We encourage our students to be as independent as possible during lessons, and offer a variety of different resources to help get them 'unstuck'.