Hello and welcome to English! 

On this page you can find out some information about the English department - who our teachers are, what we study and what our lessons look like. 

Mr Moosa

This shows your learning journey over KS3 - from when you join us in Year 7 to when you start your GCSEs in Year 10. You will see we study a wide range of authors and text types - there is something there for everyone to enjoy. 

We all love English and want you to as well.

Miss OConnor reads from her favourite childhood book Alice in Wonderland.MP4

Miss O'Connor reads from her favourite childhood book: Alice in Wonderland. 

Free reading resources for students

It's really important that you are reading every day, and exploring what you like to read.   

Our Librarian, Mrs Brice, has put together some resources you can use, including free newspapers and audiobooks.

In Year 7, we read this fantastic novel by Onjali Q. Rauf

This is a Year 7's work on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. We look for new ways to help you learn ambitious vocabulary. 

We study texts from all over the world and from different periods in history 

In Year 7, we read one of Shakespeare's greatest plays - The Tempest

What does an English classroom at our academy look like?

What does an English classroom at our academy feel like?