Welcome to Geography!

Geography is a vibrant subject in which we try to make sense of the earth around us. We cover many different topics which we will explain further on this page. 

We learn about the world in three main sections: physical, human and environmental. 

Physical geography looks at the natural world; we study topics such as tsunamis and earthquakes, as well as volcanoes, rivers and coasts. 

Human geography looks at the effect of humans on the planet. This covers cities, urbanisation (the movement to cities) and overpopulation (too many people) in these areas. 

Environmental geography studies the things that should matter to the future generations, such as climate change, plastic waste and lack of resources around the world. 

Meet the Geography Department 

Mr Bewley

Head of Geography

Favourite places - Rome, Italy and Cairo, Egypt. These were places I could literally feel the history. Both beautiful cities that I could have stayed in for a lot longer.

Places I would most like to visit - USA and Australia. I'm a huge sports fan and would love to see golf and basketball in USA, and rugby in Australia. 

Why I love geography - I fell in love with geography at high school. I remember watching football matches and trying to find out information about that city or country.  I also love being outdoors and love visiting new places. 

Miss Nissen

Teacher of Geography

Favourite place - Machu Picchu, Peru because of its interesting past, its beautiful surroundings and the adventure it takes to get there.

Place I would most like to visit - Japan to explore the lively cities, temples and active volcanoes.

Why I love geography - It helps me to make sense of the world we live in, from how volcanoes form to why cities grow. I have always been interested in the issues that people around the world face, such as climate change, and geography helps me understand the world today and how it might change in the future. 

Mr Gallagher

Teacher of Geography

Favourite place - Barcelona and Gozo. Barcelona is my favourite city and Gozo is one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited.

Place I would most like to visit - Iceland to experience the Blue Lagoon and explore the volcano Eyjafjallajokull.

Why I love geography - I realised that geography was a subject that I loved when studying A-levels. I remember preparing for rugby games and looking at weather predictions and soil types to help me prepare for games. I love exploring new places and geography allows me to understand what is going on around me when I explore.

Miss Holland

Teacher of Geography

Favourite place - Kefalonia Greece. I visit every year with my family, for the sun, the history, the Greek music and the Greek food. 

Place I would most like to visit - Johannesburg, South Africa. To meet my family for the first time, see where they gre up, eat local cuisine and look at the culture. 

Why I love Geography. I love learning about the world. My love started in High School as my knowledge of different locations, climates and landscapes was developed. I hope to develop this passion into my pupils too. 

What do we study in Year 7? 

In year 7, we start off exploring what our world looks like by exploring maps, and human and physical geography. This should build on some skills you learnt in primary school, but don't worry if you haven't learnt much about geography, we will support you if you need help. 

After the Christmas break we move onto how the world has changed; looking at various topics such as tectonics, glaciers, rivers and coasts. These are all covered in GCSE geography and you'll be learning some of the skills that you will cover in 10 and 11 if you choose this subject. 

After Easter we look at how is the living world fragile. We explore biomes which are huge ecosystems such as deserts and rainforests. We investigate the characteristics,how we are currently damaging  and how we could protect these biomes. 

What do we study in Year 8?

At the start of Year 8 we investigate global inequalities. We look at the reasons why some countries are rich and some countries are poor. We consider what we can do to reduce these inequalities, with a focus on tourism. 

After Christmas we look at Humans vs Nature. We investigate the natural threats that face humans, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and diseases. We also explore threats created by humans, including crime and conflicts. 

After Easter we look at how we have changed the world by exploring plastic waste and the growth of cities. We carry out a fieldwork investigation to find out how much plastic pollution there is around the school. 

What do we study in Year 9?

At the start of Year 9, we explore the world's superpowers by investigating who is running the world and how this has changed over time. We explore who had power in the past by looking at the Silk Roads, who has power currently and who might have power in the future by learning about the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa). 

After Christmas we look whether our planet is fighting back through climate change. We look at the causes, impacts and possible solutions to this current and very important issue. 

The last term of KS3, we look at what is happening under our feet. We study tectonics in more detail than previous years by investiagting two major earthquakes in different  places. We explore the causes and effects of these earthquakes and how we can reduce damage in the future. This topic includes important skills needed if you choose geography GCSE. 

Fun in the classroom!

Using potatoes to practice map skills! 

Creating and errupting their own volcanoes!

Wonderful weather forecasts!

Coastal cakes!

Desert desserts!

Fun outside the classroom!

Years 9 and 10 learning team work on a trip to Ghyll Head in the Lake District.

When studying GCSE geography, Year 10 venture to Southport to practice their research skills. 

As a department, we are passionate about teaching outside the classroom and work hard to be able to offer fantastic trips. 

In 2017, Year 10 made academy history by being the first students to ever go on an international school trip to Naples, Italy.  


Can you research about a country or place around the world that you would like to visit? Choose wherever you want in the world and investigate the place. You can choose what you put in your fact file but they could include: