Henri Matisse

Welcome to the Art department!

Here at the academy you will have the opportunity to learn and experience a wide range of different types of art, designed to develop your skills in practical techniques and also your theoretical knowledge.

We have an exciting and varied curriculum planned that teaches a huge array of skills from basic drawing and painting techniques, all the way through to using different 3D materials and photographic skills. We also study different artists and crafts makers from across the world and from different time periods throughout history.

Even if you haven’t delved into the world of art much up to now, you have a variety of chances in Years 7 and 8 to experience different types of art that will build your confidence and help you to succeed.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to explore all that Art has to offer, and we have an amazing team who are excited to welcome you.

Meet the staff:

  • Mrs Wright - Head of Art and Head of Expressive Arts

  • Mrs Baldwin - Assistant Vice Principal and Teacher of Art

  • Mr Lawlor - Head of Photography and Teacher of Art

  • Miss Esmail - Teacher of Art and Photography

  • Miss Smith - Art and Photography Technician

An Egyptian Adventure

Exploring the World of ART

Ever fancied exploring the world but unable to hop on a plane at the moment?

Well why not go an adventure to Egypt with your trusted guide, Mr Moses.

Click the link and explore the amazing arts and crafts of the Ancient Egyptians. Find out about hieroglyphics, temples, costumes and architecture.

Transition Video.mp4

Click on the video to meet the Art team and see some of the amazing work that our students have been creating

Key words

In Art lessons, we want to develop the way you look at and talk about art - check out the key word mat that we use in lessons to talk about the CONTENT, FORM, PROCESS and MOOD of pieces of art.

Your learning journey

Take a look below at the learning journey you will go through in Year 7 and Year 8 Art lessons.

You will choose your GCSE Options in the spring of Year 8. You can choose Art GCSE and Photography GCSE.

Art Club

Fancy learning some new and exciting art techniques outside of lesson, or getting involved in creating props and scenery for our annual show?

Miss Esmail and Ms Smith lead Art Club after school

Careers in Art

Not sure what you can do with Art? Take a look at just some of the amazing careers you could get into by studying Art.