Welcome to Technology

Throughout your Year 7 journey in Technology you will develop your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm through a wide range of exciting, fun and challenging experiences. 

Meet the team

Mrs Davies
Director of Learning Zone

Miss Blears 

head of creative design and production 

Miss Rowan Teacher of Technology

Miss  Or Kam Fat 

Miss  Taaffe
Teacher of Technology

Miss roberts
Teacher of Technology

Mr Roberts
Technology Technician

Examples of the work produced by our KS3 students

A glimpse into the department


We have two challenges for you.

Challenge 1

What can you do with baked beans?

Challenge 2

What can you do with an empty tin can?

Look at the examples produced by some of our Year 7s

The Great CAM Bake Off!

Would you be up for a challenge?

Students were invited to take part in a Bake- Off style competition.

Students competed against each other in a Family competition.

Each round was a mystery challenge.

Do you think you have what it takes to compete in The Great CAM Bake-Off?

BBC Bitesize

Do you want to develop your knowledge of Technology before starting your high school journey?