Academy Library

Welcome to our library

Hello, I'm Mrs Brice - the Academy Librarian and I'm Miss Tindall (Library Assistant). You can find us in our favourite place - the Academy Library!  Welcome to this page all about the library.
We hope you find it useful.

We have thousands of books! 

Take a look at our library catalogue. You can search for books, read reviews, view our returns shelf. You can also see all the books you have on loan and renew any that you are still reading. Do we have your favourite book in the library?

Reading is very important. It's is a proven fact that students who read regularly will do better at secondary school. Try to read as much as you can - you can read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, news articles, computer manuals, bus timetables - anything works as long as you are reading.  Take a look at this reading list of suggested books for Year 7.  Have you read any of these books already?

Meet Boggle Bob

Every week we have a Boggle competition in the library - here is one you can have a go now! How many words of 3 or more letters can you make from the letters in the picture of Boggle Bob? 

BOGGle entry form.pptx

Can you guess our favourite hobby? We love reading. (It wasn't difficult, was it?) Here is a story Mrs Brice read recently for the Y7 and Y8 English Google Classrooms.

Miss Seethe's Detention Rampage

Extract from 'World's Worst Teachers' by David Walliams. Read by Mrs Brice

There is more information about the Library and the services we offer on our main library page. 

Help out in the Library

Every year we appoint Student Librarians to help at the library desk, issuing and returning books and shelving library books. All you need is a willingness to help - and a love of reading!

Accelerated Reader

In Year 7 and Year 8 we use the Accelerated Reader scheme. Students take a reading test each term and a quiz on books that they read.