A big welcome to our new students & their families

First day for Year 7 - Tuesday 7th September.

Please note that we have a staggered start for our different Year Groups, and we will be be inviting each year group in for COVID testing the day before they start. We know that Year 6 won't have taken part in in-school testing before, and will be writing to you with full details soon.

We have recently written to parents & carers with details of our updated induction plans - you can read a copy of the letter here.

New video

A Day in the Life of a Year 7 student

Watch Daisie as we follow her around a normal school day.

Watch the video; 'A Day in the Life of a Year 7 Student' to see what high school is like.

Step 1: Go on a virtual tour!

Our video tour of the academy is in three parts

We also recommend you watch our 'Proud' video (made before Coronavirus) shows what academy life is like - including lessons, lunches, sports day, shows and more!

And if you like Minecraft, you can download a Minecraft version of the school!

Step 2: Meet our Head of Academy & our subject teachers

Mr Beard, our Head of Academy, introduces himself

Find out about the lessons we teach

Each page is full of videos and information from our subject teachers

Step 3: Don't worry!

If you have any of the worries below - don't worry! These are normal worries that many children have when starting secondary school.

We asked our students what they think about these now that they've started.

“The school is really big and I won’t find my way around”

“At first it might be a bit tricky but you can ask a teacher, and after a week or so you’ll get used to it!”


“Will I get a detention?”

“The teachers understand that you’ve just started and always give you a second chance if you forget your homework. Just ask for help if you’re worried - you won’t get into trouble for that.”


“What if the bigger kids bully me?”

“The older students may look scary but they’re not!” During COVID, each Year Group is a completely separate ‘bubble’. When things go back to normal, our students want you to know that, “You’ll get to know some older students in tutor time and they will help you.”


“What if I’m late to lessons?”

“You don’t need to worry because you won’t know your way around at first but the staff will help and they understand.”


Step 4: Learn more about Academy Life

Learn about our Family system
Library page button
A wealth of information about our Library and services for students
SEND students button
Key information for families with SEND children
Upload a piece of work you are proud of
Send us some work that you are proud of - upload a file or picture of your work using Dropbox. Add your name when you upload it!
Read our latest Academy Life magazine
Learn about the Co-op and the Rochdale Pioneers who started it in 1844

Step 5: Find extra resources for parents and carers

Uniform button takes you to the uniform page
Uniform collection arrangements
Lunches and Free School Meals button
Lunches and Free School Meals
Parent Handbook with key information - we'll be posting a copy home.
Ask us a question.

Step 6: Have a look at these great resources from around the web

Finding your feet resources from Young Minds (button)
Finding your feet resources from Young Minds
Starting secondary school on BBC Bitesize button
Starting secondary school - BBC Bitesize
Transition on BBC Bitesize website button
Transition topic - BBC Bitesize
A free short course with practical ideas to help you support your child when they're preparing to start a new school.