Year 5 - time to start thinking about secondary school

Whilst you still have a whole year ahead of you in primary school, it's time to start thinking about secondary school.

Why? Because Manchester City Council will be sending you your secondary school application pack and asking you to apply between July and the end of October 2020.

Normally in Year 5 there would be lots of opportunities for you to come into the academy and see for yourself what it's like but, like all schools, we've been closed to most students and visitors since March. So, we've come up with a few ways to give you a little flavour of why we think our academy is so great!

A welcome video from Headteacher Mrs McMorrow
See what academy life is like by watching this video
Read our prospectus for an introduction to the academy. This might be particularly useful for parents and carers.
Tour the academy in Minecraft!
Learn about our Family system - we're really proud of it. Every student belongs to a Family. Our Families enjoy healthy competition with each other to see who has the best attendance and behaviour, who can win Sports Day, and more.
Read our latest magazine, celebrating the achievements of our students
We hold our Sports Day at the Manchester Regional Arena - the whole school joins in by signing up for 1 or more events, making banners, doing the commentary, or cheering on their Family. Last year our teachers did a fancy dress race!
We'll ask our students to answer!
Our Academy Theatre gives students the opportunity to perform on a real stage, enjoy live professional shows, help out backstage, control lighting and sound, or support the Box Office.